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Enforcement Of Child Support, Custody And Alimony Orders

It is not uncommon for one party to a divorce to fail to abide by the terms of existing court orders or the original divorce decree. Usually, the issue is unpaid child support or alimony. I am Cherry Hill child support order enforcement attorney Lois Garber Schwartz. If your former spouse is not living up to his or her responsibilities, I can help you through an enforcement proceeding. If you pay alimony or child support and have experienced a change in circumstances that impacts your ability to pay the ordered amount, I can help you pursue a modification.

Whether you are seeking enforcement or have been served with an enforcement action, I will review the original judgment or order, listen to your needs and concerns, assess the current situation and explain the options available to you under New Jersey law.

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A Strong Advocate Protecting Your Rights

Tempers can flair when one party fails to comply with the terms of a divorce decree. With more than 30 years of family law experience, I understand how emotional these situations can be.

I strive to minimize potential conflict and expense by first attempting to resolve the issue amicably. Many times a simple letter or phone call from an attorney can convince a non-compliant party to change his or her ways. If court intervention is necessary, I welcome the opportunity to fight for my client’s rights in the courtroom.

I assist clients with enforcement of court orders and agreements related to:

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Through intelligent advocacy and compassionate client service, I can answer any questions and assist you with any issues related to the enforcement of alimony and other court orders. Contact me, a Cherry Hill divorce enforcement lawyer, online or call our firm to schedule a confidential consultation.

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