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A New Jersey restraining order is designed to protect individuals from assault, stalking, harassment, verbal abuse or threats from a spouse, former spouse, family member or any other individual. While many domestic disputes warrant a restraining order for safety concerns, sometimes a restraining order can be misused by an individual hoping to get an unfair advantage in a divorce or child custody proceeding.

I am Cherry Hill restraining order lawyer Lois Garber Schwartz, and I represent clients who are seeking restraining orders to protect their safety. I also represent clients who have been accused of domestic violence and who wish to challenge the appropriateness or necessity of a restraining order filed against them.

Whatever your circumstances, I can guide you through this process and help you understand your rights and options. With more than 35 years of experience, I know how to meticulously investigate the facts of your case to identify the most effective legal solution for you and your family.

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Types Of Restraining Orders

Generally, there are three types of New Jersey restraining orders:

Temporary restraining order: This order may be granted by a judge during business hours when the courts are in session or by emergency order when the courts are closed. It can be obtained by contacting local police or 911.

Final restraining order: A final restraining order is issued after a court hearing on a temporary restraining order. A final restraining order is a permanent order barring an individual from a residence or from having contact with a person. A final restraining order also requires an individual to be fingerprinted and registered in a database. If a person violates a final restraining order, he or she has committed a criminal offense and can be arrested by law enforcement.

Civil restraining order: Parties who do not wish to pursue a final restraining order may opt for a civil restraining order. A civil restraining order is an agreement between the parties to abide by certain boundaries. The benefit is that the alleged abuser does not get fingerprinted or entered into a database. The downside is that if a civil restraining order is violated, the alleged abuser will not be arrested by police, but instead must be brought before the family court by motion.

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