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As a Cherry Hill divorce lawyer with more than 35 years of experience guiding clients through difficult family law matters, I understand that divorce is one of the most difficult challenges you may face in your lifetime. At the law office of Lois Garber Schwartz, Esq., my goal is to support you through this time as efficiently and painlessly as the process will allow. Please contact my Cherry Hill, New Jersey, office today to speak with me directly regarding your individual needs and concerns.

Contact me, a Camden County family law attorney, online or call 856-375-8989 to schedule a confidential consultation.

Finding Resolutions That Fit Your Unique Situation

No matter what phase of the process you are currently in — whether you are considering filing for divorce, have made the decision to file for divorce, or your spouse has initiated divorce proceedings — I can help. In my divorce practice, each client receives individual attention, as well as a clear explanation of applicable law and the options available to you.

Depending on your individual situation, there are many issues to be resolved through the divorce process, including equitable distribution of property, child custody and visitation, as well as alimony and child support issues. I will work with you to determine how these issues impact you personally, and help you develop a resolution that best meets your needs and objectives. Your divorce impacts not only your present situation; I will also consider how the decisions you make today will impact your future.

Dedicated Representation in Mediation or Litigation

I am sensitive to helping my clients navigate this difficult time with as little hardship as possible. If you are seeking to avoid the expense and time involved in a protracted court dispute, I will help you resolve your issues through mediation. However, if a reasonable resolution cannot be reached in this way, I am fully capable of representing you in litigation.

Filing for Divorce in Camden County? Contact a Lawyer.

I pride myself on handling each case according to the unique needs and concerns of the individual client. Contact me, a Cherry Hill divorce attorney, online or call 856-375-8989 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation. I offer reasonable rates that are specially tailored to the factors of each individual case.

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