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As children approach college age, one of the most common questions divorced or unmarried parents have is, “What happens to child support payments once my son or daughter enters college?” The answer depends on your family’s unique situation.

If you have a child in college or getting ready to enter college, an experienced lawyer can help you understand your child support obligations. I am Family Law attorney, Lois Garber Schwartz, and I have served Southern New Jersey families for more than 35 years. As an experienced child support lawyer, I can explain what the law requires of you and how it will affect you and your child during his or her college years.

Child Support if the Student Lives at Home

If your son or daughter lives at home and commutes to college, then the child support calculation is relatively simple. The court will simply use the New Jersey child support guidelines to calculate the weekly support payment.

Child Support for College Students Living Away From Home

If your child attends college away from home, the child support determination is more complicated. In July 2012, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the child support guidelines are not applicable when the student lives away from home. The court will consider a number of statutory factors in determining the financial needs of the child.

In my role as a Cherry Hill child support lawyer, I help my clients by analyzing the family’s financial situation, then preparing and submitting to the court all documents needed to determine the proper amount of child support. I am always sensitive to the needs of my clients throughout the legal process.

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