Tips for Divorcing with Blended Families

By Lois G. Schwartz | June 26, 2018

Cherry Hill New Jersey Divorce Attorney Blended FamiliesApproximately half of the families across the country were formed by a recoupling of a relationship or a remarriage. Current statistics indicate that half of all marriages end in divorce and the average length of a typical marriage is 7 years. Subsequent remarriages or building new relationships after divorce can generate significant issues associated with child custody and new dynamics. When you’re concerned about how to best protect yourself and your loved ones, you’ll want to approach divorce with the utmost care. Your unique needs must be considered by your family lawyer.

Blended Family Dynamics Can be Difficult

When blending a family, it is important to support the kids as the top priority. This must be done emotionally. Many children may have difficulties adjusting to the new family unit and will have problems adapting to their new environment in terms of school or their at-home behavior.

Make Sure You Have Support on Hand for Family Law Needs

The critical transition tips for ensuring that a child has the best possible support is to work with a family therapist, where necessary. This can help to ensure that the family stays engaged and committed throughout the process and has regular conversations about the critical issues while also laying out clear expectations and support for each individual family member’s needs. Getting this therapeutic support before remarriage or before moving in with a new significant other is an ideal situation because it can help to clarify expectations upfront and address primary concerns. You may also have old documents that must be updated in a divorce involving blended families and remarriage.

Getting Help with Remarriage and Divorce

If you are thinking about how to handle the needs of a blended family when contemplating legal separation or divorce, schedule a consultation with a Cherry Hill, New Jersey family lawyer such as Lois Garber Schwartz. Her office can be reached at 856-375-8989.

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