Property Division in Divorce

By Lois G. Schwartz | September 25, 2018

Property Division in DivorceProperty Division in Divorce

Property division during divorce proceedings can be complicated. It’s important for former couples to recognize that unless they come to an agreement outside of court, it’s likely that New Jersey courts will equitably divide the combined value of all the couple’s assets and debts between the two parties.

Failing to Disclose Marital Property

New Jersey’s courts utilize equitable distribution standards during divorce proceedings. This means that the total value of all assets and debts obtained during the marriage will be considered joint property, and this value will be equitably divided between the two parties. If former spouses don’t want to utilize this standard, then it’s possible to come to agreements through mediation. During a divorce, equitable distribution does not apply to separate property such as inheritances, property owned before marriage or gifts.

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