What to Do if Your Child Refuses Visitation

By Lois G. Schwartz | January 26, 2022

Although many conflicts over visitation time are started by parents, in some cases it is the child or children who are the subject of a custody order that start conflicts by refusing to have visitation with one of their parents. [Read More]

Is Your New Year Starting with Divorce? Here Are Some Tips to Survive

By Lois G. Schwartz | January 4, 2022

While many of us have New Year’s resolutions, for some their resolution is to get a divorce. Many spouses wait until after the New Year to start the divorce process so as not to disrupt the family right before or [Read More]

How to Approach Thanksgiving After a Divorce

By Lois G. Schwartz | November 23, 2021

Many people going through a divorce report their biggest concern being the safety and wellbeing of their child. With the holidays approaching, you may be preparing to celebrate your first Thanksgiving after the divorce has been finalized. A divorce can [Read More]

How to Share Child Custody Over Thanksgiving

By Lois G. Schwartz | November 20, 2021

Is this your first Thanksgiving after a divorce? Are you worried about how you’ll spend the day or maintain your family traditions? We have a few tips for you to help you share child custody over Thanksgiving. Tips for Sharing [Read More]

How to Co-Parent on Halloween

By Lois G. Schwartz | October 19, 2021

Halloween can be a stressful holiday for parents, especially when the day is not expressly addressed by the family’s parenting plan. However, for two-household families, there are tips and steps that co-parents can follow to help make Halloween as enjoyable [Read More]

Getting Divorced? Here Are 7 Important Tips for Mothers

By Lois G. Schwartz | October 12, 2021

As a mother of children going through a divorce, it can be a stressful experience to recognize that your life is going through a significant change. Although divorce is never easy for anyone, becoming a single mother through divorce can [Read More]

Should I Wait Until After the Holiday Season to Get a Divorce?

By Lois G. Schwartz | September 30, 2021

Finding the right time to go through with a divorce is never easy. It may never seem like the right time and you may have concerns about filing around the holidays. With the holiday season right around the corner, here [Read More]

Navigating the Back-to-School Decision with Your Ex

By Lois G. Schwartz | September 10, 2021

The school landscape has changed for most families. As we begin to navigate a new school year, families are in the process of deciding what’s best for them and their children. This decision may be more difficult when you and [Read More]

How to Help Your Kids Cope With Divorce During COVID-19

By Lois G. Schwartz | August 26, 2021

Divorce is never easy. It changes life as you and your spouse know it and if any children are involved, it also changes their life. Some situations can make an already difficult process even harder to deal with, such as [Read More]

Pre-Divorce Advice For Couples Looking to File

By Lois G. Schwartz | August 16, 2021

Have you been thinking about divorce? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of filing for divorce and setting in motion a whole process that will change your life? If you have already decided that divorce is the right option for [Read More]

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