Is Your New Year Starting with Divorce? Here Are Some Tips to Survive

By Lois G. Schwartz | January 4, 2022

Is Your New Year Starting with Divorce? Here Are Some Tips to Survive

While many of us have New Year’s resolutions, for some their resolution is to get a divorce. Many spouses wait until after the New Year to start the divorce process so as not to disrupt the family right before or during the holidays. Of course, considering whether to seek a divorce can cause a great deal of uncertainty and fear, which leads to indecision or guilt over the choice to leave the marriage. 

If your New Year is starting out with divorce, here are some tips to help you towards making a firm, confident decision regarding whether or not to get a divorce. These tips can also be helpful for spouses who are on the receiving end of a demand for divorce after the New Year. 

Accept Your Feelings

Once you’ve made the decision to get a divorce, you may immediately begin to question your decision due to the impacts it will have on the lives of your children, your other family members, and your friends. However, it can be helpful to get clarity in the decision process by acknowledging and accepting how you feel about the current state of your marriage. You are the only person who can know whether or not it is right for you to seek a divorce. After you have acknowledged the validity and legitimacy of your feelings, then you can begin to evaluate what divorce will mean for others in your life. 

Become Knowledgeable about the Divorce Process

Even once you commit yourself to divorce, you may have no idea where to start the process. You should immediately begin to educate yourself about what is involved in the process of divorce as well as how divorce will impact you financially and personally. One of the first places you should turn after you have made the firm decision to get a divorce is a family lawyer. Your divorce attorney can walk you through what you can expect at each stage of the divorce process and also direct you to organizations and other resources that can provide you with further information and assistance through a divorce. 

Organize Your Finances

Regardless of whether you have committed to getting a divorce or you are still open to staying in your marriage, you should take this opportunity to get a hold on your financial situation. This includes gathering financial records such as tax returns stretching back several years, bank and brokerage account statements, retirement and pension account statements, credit card statements, and copies of mortgage statements, deeds, and titles. You may also want to consider opening up separate bank or credit card accounts for yourself so that you will have access to funds once you and your spouse separate. 

Start Formulating a Plan

Finally, you should begin making a plan for yourself, your children, and other family members who will be affected by your divorce. Make sure that you keep your plan flexible, as your circumstances may become wildly different from what you expected as you go through the divorce process. But having a plan to follow can help remove some of the anxiety and uncertainty that naturally comes with divorce. 

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