How Do You Know If You’re Ready for Divorce?

By Lois G. Schwartz | November 29, 2017


“Is it time for us to get a divorce?”

This question is one of the most difficult questions a couple faces. It’s made harder by the fact that every marriage is unique: the “tipping point” for a family member or best friend’s divorce may not be the tipping point for you.

Absent clear red flags like domestic violence, deciding whether it’s time for a divorce may require careful soul-searching. To help yourself work through your thoughts and feelings about divorce, set aside some quiet time when you can think seriously about the following questions:

Have I been thinking seriously about divorce when I’m feeling calm, awake, and alert – or does it only come up when I’m angry, frustrated, or feel out of control?

  • How would I describe my feelings about my spouse? Am I still in love with my spouse?
  • What efforts have I made so far to save or repair our marriage? What efforts has my spouse made?
  • What do I predict are the consequences of ending my marriage? Am I prepared to deal with those consequences?
  • Does this chapter of my life feel “closed,” preparing me to move on to a new one? Or do I still feel as if we have unfinished business?
  • How might my lifestyle change if we divorce (income reduction, shared custody, etc.)? Do I feel prepared to deal with those changes?
  • What do I know about the divorce process? What questions do I have about how divorce works?

The decision to divorce is not always simple. An experienced family law attorney can help you understand your options and determine whether divorce is the right decision – and, if so, how best to navigate divorce based on your specific needs and goals. To learn more, contact the Law Office of Lois Garber Schwartz today at 856.375.8989 or via our online contact form to get started today.


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