How to Ensure that You Only Pay Your Fair Share of Alimony in New Jersey

By Lois G. Schwartz | April 29, 2019

alimony lawyer cherry hill njPaying Alimony in New Jersey

In New Jersey, alimony payments are payments made by one former spouse to the other to offset the loss of income that occurs when the divorce is finalized. In most situations, alimony payments are made by the higher-earning spouse to the lower earning spouse. Alimony payments are designed to allow the lower-earning spouse to continue in their accustomed standard of living, even after the divorce. Alimony payment amounts are often hotly debated by the splitting couple and their attorneys, and may require the intervention of the court to establish. However, knowing the basics of alimony can ensure that you only pay your fair share.

When Do Alimony Payments in Camden Divorces Start?

Alimony payments can begin with the filing of a complaint for support or for divorce. Upon the filing of the petition, the court will review the income and expenses by the parties and enter an order regarding the amount of support to be paid and which of the parties should pay for it. This amount is not set in stone; it may be modified by the court at the conclusion of the divorce proceeding or at other points down the road. However, the initiation of payments early on ensures that the lower-earning spouse is not put at a disadvantage that could impact their decisions during the divorce negotiations.

Once Alimony Payments in Voorhees Divorces Start, When Will They Stop?

One of the heavily-negotiated points related to alimony is the length of time that payments must be made. Prior to changes in the law, alimony payments, once awarded, could have lasted for the lifetime of the individual receiving them. Under the new law, alimony payments cannot last longer than the term of the marriage if married for less than 20 years. If married for more than 20 years, they are of open duration. However, the individual making alimony payments can request that payments be modified or stopped once the payor reaches retirement age.

Can Alimony Payments in Cherry Hill, NJ Be Modified?

Alimony payments can be modified under New Jersey law, but that modification must be requested and approved before the payment amount can be changed. Modifications consider many different factors, but very often payment changes are requested when the paying spouse is unemployed for at least three months, or when the spouse receiving payments remarries or begins living with a new partner.

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