Finding the Right Overnight Parenting Schedule During the Week

By Lois G. Schwartz | December 20, 2017


It can be difficult for parents to agree on a parenting schedule when children are involved in school and have extracurricular activities. You need to consider various factors when coming together to find the right mid-week overnight parenting time schedule.

These issues can be especially problematic when one parent refuses to assist with things like homework on a school night or to take the child to his or her activities and/or to practice during the weekday. Successful weekday overnight parenting time requires that each parent meets his or her responsibilities rather than assuming that the other parent will take those obligations on during his or her time.

Some of the unique considerations involved when finding the right overnight parenting schedule during the week include:

  • Whether each parent will communicate with the child’s teachers, assist with school work, and provide necessary supervision
  • To what extent the parents can agree on a parenting schedule that provides consistency in the child’s life
  • The child’s individual preferences – depending on the age of the child
  • The ability to get to school and activities on time, given the geographic location of both parents
  • The extent to which the parents are interfering with the child’s regular schedule or impeding his or her success at school

Determining the right parenting time schedule can increase the chances of a child achieving scholastic success and adapting more successfully to the unique challenges presented when the child must go back and forth between two different homes. Contributing to a stable and consistent environment can help to support the child’s emotional as well as academic development.

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