Alimony During Separation and After a Divorce

By Lois G. Schwartz | February 15, 2018

New Jersey Alimony AttorneyMaking the choice to legally separate from your spouse comes with a plethora of long-term and life-altering decisions. One of the biggest reasons that couples remain married despite irreconcilable differences is because of their financial stability as a couple. The loss of spousal financial support can and does prevent many people from leaving unhealthy relationships, but the courts have the authority to order support payments as a way for the less financially stable party to maintain their standard of living after legal separation.

After separation, both parties need to re-evaluate their personal finances. Pendente Lite Support may be awarded during the pendency of the litigation. Upon divorce, alimony may be appropriate based on a number of factors, including the length of the marriage and the parties disparity in income.

Alimony payments are typically not awarded when both spouses make a comparable income or when the marriage was short-lived. If one party does require financial support, then the courts will frequently award a specified amount to be paid monthly for a specific period of time. Alimony may be awarded for several years, but things can change based on the individual’s life circumstances. Alimony does not continue if the person receiving payments remarries. It can be terminated or modified upon for retirement.

Alimony laws have been in effect for over 100 years. Alimony payments are meant to be a tool to help one party adjust to the financial loss incurred due to separating from their spouse. If you are going through a divorce and feel that alimony payments would be beneficial for you, then don’t hesitate to seek out a legal representative who will fight for you. Divorce attorney Lois Garber Schwartz will help support you through this difficult process. To contact her law office, reach out to 856-375-8989.

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