5 Summer Break Tips for Divorced Parents to Use

By Lois G. Schwartz | May 17, 2022

5 Summer Break Tips for Divorced Parents to Use

While summer break can be an exciting time of year for children, it can cause separated or divorced parents a great deal of headaches as they worry about how to handle custody and parenting time now that the kids are going to have all the time in the world on their hands while not in school. Here are a few tips that co-parents can keep in mind to help make summer break a fantastic time for everyone. 

Plan Summer Breaks When Negotiating Your Custody Order

When negotiating your custody arrangement and parenting time schedule during your separation or divorce, it can make the beginning of summer much easier if you have already planned for summer breaks in your custody order and parenting time schedule. Unfortunately, many couples fail to consider including provisions in their agreement or order that specifically address custody and parenting time during the children’s summer break, especially if parents are already in a high-conflict divorce or custody battle. But by ensuring that your custody order and parenting time schedule specifically addresses summer breaks, you can avoid disagreements, misunderstandings, and conflicts when the kids get out of school.

Consider Having Separate Schedules for Summer Break and the School Year

One of the most common ways that summer breaks are addressed by custody agreements or orders is to have separate parenting time schedules for the school year and for summer break. When kids don’t have the structure of school, the parenting time schedule that is used for most of the year may become inconvenient or unworkable for parents as well as children, since younger children will still need supervision. 

Even if parents decide to place their children in overnight or day summer camps, parents will still need to ensure that the parenting time schedule doesn’t have any gaps and that both parents are being afforded the parenting time they are entitled to under the custody agreement or order. 

Incorporate Provisions for Summer Vacations

When kids go on summer break, parents will often want to take the opportunity to travel with their children. As separated or divorced parents include summer break in their custody and parenting time planning, they should also consider having provisions that facilitate each parent getting to go on vacation with the children during summer break. Parents may want to incorporate clauses that allow each of them a certain block of time to go on vacation and authorize them to travel out of the jurisdiction with their children for vacation. Parents can choose to either schedule their blocks up front, or they can incorporate notice provisions if they can amicably work out respective vacation dates. 

Try to Work Together to Plan Summer Break

Parents should focus on keeping conflict over summer break to a minimum, as that can have an effect on how kids enjoy their break. When parents travel on vacation with their children, they should provide their co-parent with basic travel itinerary details. Parents should also avoid trying to “outdo” one another with more and more exciting vacation plans. Finally, when away on vacation, parents should encourage their children to call, text, or video chat with their other parent. 

Enjoy Your Alone Time

Finally, when your ex is on vacation with the kids, take the opportunity for some “me-time” and relax!

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