Top 4 Things You Should Know Before Filing for Divorce

By Lois G. Schwartz | January 3, 2021

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Divorce is not always the easiest subject to broach. For many couples, it is usually the last resort. Even if you and your spouse recognize that it’s the best decision for you both to take, you still need to take steps to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re thinking of filing for divorce, here are the top 4 things you should know and do:

Make Sure You Both Are On the Same Page

Or in other words, make sure this is the route you both want to take. Many times, couples may rush into divorce without exploring other options such as marital counseling or taking a trial separation to sort out personal issues. Of course, you and your spouse may have taken the time to do a trial separation or go to therapy and still find yourself in the same situation, however, you need to have the conversation. Being on the same page can help make figuring things out like child custody and alimony easier to tackle. 

Collect Necessary Documents

When you’re getting ready to sit down with a divorce lawyer, you’ll need to gather important financial information such as any loans the two of you may have taken out, a record of your mortgage payments, phone bills and bank records. Always be sure to make a copy of every document, as you do not want to lose the only original copy you have. 

Find a Way to Break the News to Family and Friends

Even when you and your soon-to-be former spouse know that divorce is the best solution, it doesn’t mean everyone around you will take the news easily. Children, especially, may act out as a natural response to the shift in the family dynamic. Remember, that the news of your divorce may come as a surprise to those around you, including children. Be sensitive to what your childrens’ needs are and take the time to communicate with them all the positive aspects of the divorce. Most importantly, remind children that the divorce has nothing to do with them, but rather a decision you and their other parent have given much thought to. 

Begin Thinking About Your Child Custody Arrangement

One of the most contentious and emotional aspects of divorce is the subject of child custody. In most divorce cases, it’s always preferred that the parents be able to work out an agreement on their own, however, that is not always possible. 

When parents are unable to come to an agreement on child custody, the courts will usually look at what is in the child’s best interests. As such, the court will look at each parent’s work schedule, proximity to school, the fitness of each parent and more. Even though the goal of divorce is to start a new life, it’s also important to keep the children’s lives as normal as possible. 

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