Divorce Troubles for Antonio Sabato Jr.

By Lois G. Schwartz | June 6, 2017

It has recently been reported that Antonio Sabato Jr. will be getting a divorce from his wife of five years, Cheryl Marie.  Antonio Sabato Jr. recently came back into the spotlight, and also announced his plans to run an election bid to become a U.S. Congressman.  Although this divorce was filed before his bid, there are some murmurs of whether or not this could impact his run for office.

Custody Issues

This matter was started back in December when the divorce was filed.  The main issue that is being contested in this matter is the custody of their child, Antonio Kalani, who is 6-years-old.  Antonio Sabato Jr. is seeking joint custody while Cheryl Marie desires to gain sole physical custody of their son.  Her rationale for not allowing him custody rights is that her husband has a drug abuse issue and that she fears for her son’s safety if his father is allowed custody.  Antonio Sabato Jr. has made a large part of the platform he’s running on the opioid epidemic that is ravaging the country along with other substance abuse issues.

Celebrity Pedestal

All too often, people put celebrities up on a pedestal as if they aren’t just people with the same problems as everyone else.  The truth is that they do, and these types of custody issues can pop up in any divorce.  Not every divorce can be as amicable as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s, and if you find yourself in a divorce situation, there is one thing that you can do for yourself that celebrities do: get a great lawyer.

Divorces can be messy affairs that can be made even worse when your representation is not up to par.  The key here is to find a lawyer that has a great deal of experience in family law who treats their clients in a manner that helps to heal the hurt in their lives. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to speak about your separation or divorce.

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